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Heat Treatment

Heat TreatmentHot coil Our heat-treated alloy is mainly used for baskets, shrouds and other parts for transport into the industrial furnace heat treatment apparatus. In the industrial furnace, our alloy is mainly used for radiation control, fan, muffle furnace, the inner cover, belt and so on. RA330 because of its high strength, carburization resistance and has a high resistance to thermal fatigue performance under cyclic temperature alloy as a device for heavy duty use. RA330 is not affected by Sigma phase, so it's malleable so that it can expand and contract or extend the effective life of the weld forming. Our alloys are widely used in hot work environments, including annealing, vacuum heat treatment, neutral hardening, carburizing, and other molten salt environments.
Our steel mills and aluminum materials can be used in radiant tube, inner cover, AOD argon oxygen decarbonization furnace cover and guide rails, rollers industrial furnaces, heat treatment housing, coal injection gun, the burner and regenerator. These areas will also use 309, 310, or 601 alloy, but when the higher strength requirements of the time, you can use the RA253MA or RA602CA.Rolled Steel powdered metal alloy heat treatment can be used for both the powder metallurgy industry can also be used for the finished sintered parts. RA253MA and RA330 and annealing can be used as a thin ribbon and powder metallurgy industry muffle furnace. Many sintered alloy muffle furnace usually use RA330,601, RA333, RA602CA and 601 manufacturing industries muffle furnace and baskets, aimed at reducing molybdenum and tungsten powders.Power plant coal thermal power plants requires not only the alloy has good resistance to oxidation and high-temperature strength, but also must be able to resist corrosion and friction caused by vulcanization. In a lot of use, the low nickel content of the alloy can often have better resistance to corrosion than the nickel sulfide-based alloys, such as 309 and 310 stainless steel and alloy RA253MA would normally be used to make a nozzle, burner, burners, pipe cap, pipe supports , measuring tube and soot blowers.Chemical and oil refinery in the Red Coil refining crude oil distillation before the heat treatment. 310 stainless steel is usually used as a burner oil heater on, 310, RA253MA and RA330 slabs will be used on pipe supports and hangers. Treatable alloys are often used in the manufacture of fire tongue to eliminate oxidation and gas refineries produced.
Alloy such as 800H / AT will be used in methane cracking furnace, pipe manufacturing, pigtail, outlet headers, outside ducted like. When the ambient temperature and carburizing People need to be considered to a certain extent when the metal dusting can be used RA602CA and RA333. In the manufacture of nitric acid, heat-treated alloy is used as a catalyst carrier web and baskets.Calciner and rotary dryer Rotary Dryer aluminum, kaolin powder and other materials, and oxidation catalysts require adjustment of surface properties during the heat treatment. Indirect drying kilns with a rotating drum is often used as a calciner or rotary reactor tank, used to transport and mixing the powder being processed in industrial furnaces. Rotary drum shell and some parts requirements to use heat treatable alloys, deformation resistance and minimum scaling is more important. Calciner edge of the surface is a major source of pollution, in order to high-purity aluminum smelting process can not be contaminated, RA602CA can be used in these harsh environments.Thermal oxidizer thermal oxidizer used in stepped rising heating environment in the elimination of harmful volatile organic compounds. Repeated heat generated oxidizing agent, heat-treated alloy is used to make the shutter to control the heat out of the combustion chamber. The same heat treatment alloy used to manufacture the container wall and to bloom in the middle of ceramic material heat treatment. Thermal oxidizer having a restoring force will also appear on the heat exchanger housing and pipe. In these designs, the heat treatment is used as an alloy tube, shell, baffles and wall.