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  • 36% lega di nichel 36NiFe K93600 leghe ad espansione controllata 1.3912
  • 36% lega di nichel 36NiFe K93600 leghe ad espansione controllata 1.3912

36% lega di nichel 36NiFe K93600 leghe ad espansione controllata 1.3912

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Specifiche, Chemical & prestazioni meccaniche

It is an alloy with nickel (36%) and iron as its main components. Because its coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely low, at about 1/10 that of 18-8 stainless steel, thermal stress caused by temperature changes can be held to a very low level, and complex shapes (wave, bellows, etc.) like those required with other low-temperature materials are not necessary. NAS 36 also shows high toughness at low temperatures and provides excellent weldability. It can be supplied in sheet and strip forms.



It has good weldability. Joints of thin sheet materials can be welded by TIG welding without a filler, even in seam welding.


Bimetals, LNG tankers, molds, parts requiring low coefficient of thermal expansion.

At 36 percent, the primary component of it is nickel, giving this alloy an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion—about one-tenth that of 18-8 stainless steel. it maintains thermal stress due to temperature variation at an extremely low level. When used with low-temperature materials, complex surface forms such as waves, bellows and loop patterns are not required, making it an easy metal to work with.
This alloy has a high ductility at extremely low temperatures and is particularly good for welding. Given these properties, it is used in liquefied natural gas ships, membrane material for land container tanks, and a variety of container and piping materials for handling extremely low-temperature fluids. it can be supplied in coil and sheet forms.