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2:30 PM of Oco.18th 2018, SHANGHAI BOZHONG METAL GROUP and its 8 Subsidary companies held the Unveiling Ceremony Al 2nd Floor of Twin tower (Lingang Songjiang Science & Technology Park, No. 518, Xinzhuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai City.

SHANGHAI BOZHONG METAL GROUP and its 8 Subsidary company listed on the Shanghai equity hosting trading center SME equity quotation system (Q board) con successo.

Honorned guests

The honored guests for this Unveiling Ceremony sono: The Founder of Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group: Mr Huang de xiaong, Mr Huang de qing, The general manager of Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group : Ms Wei gui mei, The Promoting general manager : Mr Wang rui and Mr Weng fu long, the General manager of Shanghai Rong Qi investment coporation : Mr Guo rong, The Investment director : Mr Shao lian hui .


The Founder of Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group Mr Huang de xiaong Made a Speech on this Unveiling Ceremony, and he expressed his happiness to Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group and its Subsidary companies, he also expressed that he expect the Group will have a better development, and expect the Group will creat new splendor.

The General manager of Shanghai Rongqi investment coporation : Mr Guo Rong point that : At the current Macro-background, the small -Mdedium enterprices expand the financial channel by taking advantage of multi-level capital markets, being listed on board and equity financing have been the general trend. Rong qi investment will grow together with Bozhong Group for Win-Win cooperation.

The award ceremony held succesfully with the resonant sound of gongs, Having champagne to celebrate, the smooth running of the all procedures Standands for Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group have moved into an new historical juncture. Bozhong Metal Group will make continuous progress and make better performance.

Being listed on board symbolized that Bozhong Metal Group have taken a historical step to the capital market. Bozhong Metal Group will take advantage of this good chance to make better development. no the same time, we will also take more social responsibilities, creating an new bright future . Rongqi investment strongly believe that Bozhong Group will come into the Science Board even main Board at Shanghai equity trading center