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Traitement chimique

As a global supplier of special alloy chemical industry, Bo alloy proud. We covered a lot of inventory of different types of corrosion-resistant alloy, stainless steel, two-way steel, as well as our patented products ZERON® 100 and AL-6XN®. These alloys have excellent properties in chemical processing environment. Applied MaterialsAlloy Solutions Bo alloy chemical processing industry is highly aware of the requirements of the alloy. We have taken a cautious approach to ensure that we provide materials to meet your specific application requirements. In addition to our a lot of stock, the alloy Bo has a professional team of engineers and laboratories to provide material testing, performance testing, technical surveys and electronic test report. Our engineers are good at analysis of the information you provide, to find material for your needs.
Échangeur de chaleur Offshore oil industry equipment requires a material having structural integrity and corrosion resistance in seawater. Duplex steel and high nickel alloy content of molybdenum austenitic stainless steel as an alternative material, resistant to pitting corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and suitable strength. Under fire tongue and other high-temperature environments, suitable for use RA330, RA 253 MA and 310 stainless steel. RA330 and RA 253 MA at 2100 ° F are resistant to oxidation.
Fractionating tubeChloride corrosion and acid corrosion resistance of our materials to make them suitable for piping, heat exchangers, packaging machinery, hydronic heating pipelines, steam lines, packaging lines and pumps. AL-6XN and ZERON 100 than 316L, 317L and 904L in these areas have better performance.
Distillation traysAL-6XN lower initial cost and the ability to sulfide corrosion resistance in the crude oil so that it can be applied to manufacturing distillation trays. For example, AL-6XN been earmarked for temperatures in the upper 200 ° F oil and gas column, distillation trays have been used over the last 400 alloy used 1-3 years and can be used for more than 10 years after the use of AL-6XN. ZERON 100 was also used in the manufacture distillation trays. ZERON 100 initial cost lower than AL-6XN, with equally good acid resistance.
Storage containerOur Coil Kaiping production line to provide customized size, reduce material waste. We provide a complete inventory of all shape of the material. With the increase of material strength, dual-phase steel is used to gradually replace austenitic stainless steel. We ZERON 100, a full range of dual-phase steel LDX 2101 and 2205 stock can meet your needs. Bo alloy LDX 2101 provides for the manufacture of many storage container walls, floor and roof. Duplex steel 304L and 316L stainless steel than the savings of 25-30% in weight. Other alloys, such as AL-6XN has been used in more demanding environments.
Services à valeur ajoutée Bo alloy has 50 years of professional experience in the supply of special alloys. Our professional sales organizations in order to provide a unique service and pride. Our global value-added services include: water jet cutting, laser cutting, precision plasma cutting, plasma cutting, saw cutting, Kaiping, straightening and stock conversion.