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BoZhong alloy provide you with reliable products in the future development of the power industry in the power generation industry, the impact of Bo, you need your expertise and enjoy the outstanding service. Our material in power generation have a lot of use, are: coal thermal power plants, nuclear power plants and energy recycling. Due to different working environment, the material you have requested will be different, the material you choose should have the best material and performance to meet your needs.Material Boiler Power Generation Boilers Boilers for electricity should be selected with high creep strength and heat resistance at a temperature rise in the atmosphere. In chlorine, sulfur or molten salt environments, alloy RA 253 MA, 309, 310, RA330 and 601 is a good choice. RA 253MA and 309 would normally be used as a coal mine burners, boilers and other power internal parts, such as pipe supports, pipe cap and temperature gauge. Because RA253MA at 1600 ° F or more twice in 309 and 310 stainless steel creep strength, and to 2000 ° F is still a good resistance to oxidation, it is also a lot of RA253MA as a filter material on CFB boiler power. RA330 has oxidation resistance at 2100 ° F or less, and excellent thermal fatigue resistance in cyclic thermal environment, it can be used as material RA330 soot bellows.We provide environmental control many alloys can be used in pollution control systems, such as flue gas desulfurization unit FGD, WESP Wet Electrostatic Precipitator and carbon absorber. In high chloride standard acidic PH value and temperature rise consisting of corrosive environments, the alloy has molybdenum can effectively resist pitting and crevice corrosion. . AL-6XN, ZERON 100 and FGD and WESP 2205 in many areas, used to produce absorber vessel walls, gas pipeline, guides, pump, paper pulp processing system, the impeller and the throttle valve. AL-6XN in many areas of FGD systems and services for over 20 years without any quality problems. More economical and cost-duplex 2205 100 ZERON high strength and relatively high nickel alloys, such that their use is becoming increasingly widespread. 2205 steel can be used as aircraft manufacturing carbon sequestration and storage containersNuclear power plant Nuclear Cooling Towers With clean energy future discussions of further nuclear power plants has attracted more and more attention. AL-6XN in many water-cooling system in use, as water processing and microbial corrosion considerations. ZERON100 can also be used for similar purposes. 304L and 316L is usually used as a waste storage container, glove boxes, heat exchangers and other transport equipment.Our fuel cell heat resistant alloys for high temperature solid oxide fuel cells, also be used as a hydrogen fuel cell to the reformer.Bioenergy Biofuel Research Bo alloy alloy provides for different bio-energy manufacturing. LDX 2101 high strength, so that it used to produce ethanol instead of 304L container. ZERON100 been selected for biodiesel reaction vessel to withstand the acidic catalytic corrosion. LDX 2101, 316L, 2205, AL-6XN, and Alloy 20 are selected to withstand the test or cellulosic ethanol production process in the presence of sulfuric acid corrosion. With the continued development of future energy, corrosion resistant alloy alloy Bo provide will become increasingly important.Solar and wind power Solar Power Although heat-resistant alloys and corrosion resistant alloy is not directly applied to the solar panels and wind turbines, but we offer many alloys used in the manufacture of these devices. We alloys used in the manufacture of solar panels muffle furnace. INVAR 36 is widely used in tool and mold manufacturing, end use of these tools and molds manufacturing carbon fiber wind turbine blades. Heat-resistant alloy RA 602 CA, Alloy 601, and RA330 can be used to produce carbon fiber muffle furnace.Land-based gas turbine high-temperature high-strength alloys in the land-based gas turbine LBGT wide use. 304 and 410 stainless steel is used as a combustion vessel and lid. High nickel alloys, such as 625, Alloy X, C263, and X-750 can be used as the combustion chamber liners, caps, and frameworks. As the main LBGT OEM supplier-certified company, Bo alloy can provide these critical alloys.

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