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Maquinaria de construcción

Demanding work and market conditions

Heavy loads, dirt and debris
Extreme temperatures and other extreme conditions. These conditions make cement and minerals in maintaining continuous operation when the machine is very difficult, even dangerous. Risk workers were injured and there is always the unexpected downtime.In addition, global demand although metal ore, cement, coal is increasing, the high cost and strict rules, but it must be forced to reduce energy consumption.

Optimize asset efficiency, access to superior economic indicators

Bo offers a range of services to help manufacturers achieve their goals
By using well-test, we call asset efficiency optimization (AEO) method, Bo solutions improve productivity of your assets in order to increase productivity without increasing the case of investments in new equipment, which ultimately improves the return on assets (ROA ).Bo selection of services and related products in the field of asset lifecycle to help you, including comparison from initial product selection to determine, from the maintenance, repair to improve.Bo provision of services on a global scale to help your business achieve a smooth, reliable and cost-effective actions to improve profitability. We provide ultra-high performance wear plate and high-strength plate for the construction machinery market.

Minería y canteras

Extreme Running Challenge
Climatic range from the cold polar regions to desert heat. In the span of elevation above sea level to the ground 4300metres 3800metres less. Harsh weather and abrasive contaminants cause great damage to the equipment and workers. Conditions such as these require you to be able to rely on equipment and suppliers.

Procesamiento de minerales

Equipment and stringent budget challenges
For aggregate, coal, metal ores and industrial minerals producer, its profitability is critical to maintain high efficiency and low cost.Reliability and security are critical to achieve uptime and plant profitability. Equipment must be maintained in good condition and able to respond to poor working conditions.

Cement Production

Complex treatment process
Like other mineral processing plants, as cement plants also need to deal with crushing, conveying, grinding and vibration applications brought harsh conditions. Cement kiln must also resist extreme temperatures and cooler caused. Easy to wear and maintain a variety of high-strength components is also critical. High energy costs and new environmental regulations on productivity further challenges.