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Global stockBo alloy is one of the few global inventory of commercially purchased, with a full range of stainless steel and titanium inventory to meet your health care needs of an alloy. We strictly monitor and ensure the quality of the material requirements of ASTM standards required. Our global global stocks alloy has been used in the manufacture of orthopedic screws, bone plates, hip and knee implants, dental implants and medical devices.
Value-added services Bo alloy has 50 years of professional experience in the supply of special alloys. Our professional sales organizations in order to provide a unique service and pride. Our global value-added services include: water jet cutting, laser cutting, precision plasma cutting, plasma cutting, saw cutting, Kaiping, straightening and stock conversion. Our metallurgists are willing to answer your materials and manufacturing issues and can provide a lot of technical data.
chứng nhận chất lượng Bo alloy by ISO 9001: 2000 / AS9100 REV B certified, we provide to the medical industry, all materials are imported, while supporting a number of OEM quality accreditation.

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